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e.t.c. custom events10 Things to Know About/Do in New York

10 things to know about/do in New York

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Sitting is good. One of the best things to do in New York is to find a well-situated bench, grab yourself an iced tea, and just people watch.


Walking is good, too. Sometimes it’s great to stray off the beaten path. (Better if you know more or less where you are.) You know the airbnb slogan, “Live like a local?” In New York, that means walking.


Don’t try to see the entire Museum of Natural History in one day. (That goes for pretty much everything else, too.) Throw away the to-do list and just…do. If you find an area you like, stay there. It’s better to see four things and have a great experience than half the museum and not remember anything.


Do something that will give you a story.


Say yes whenever possible. (Thank you, my kids’ first grade teacher, for advice that I refer to whenever possible.)


Many things cost a ton of money. Many things don’t. Find them.


Ride the carousel in Central Park and sail a remote-controlled boat in Central Park. You will be smiling for days.


Always read the plaques. That’s how we learned that a tiny park in Tribeca was named for the first mayor of New York.


Overall, the coffee is pretty good.


You’ll be back.




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