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e.t.c. custom eventsFour Kids’ Book Series You Don’t Know About But Should

Four Kids’ Book Series You Don’t Know About But Should

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Four kids’ book series you don’t know about but should

You know those lists–if you love Harry Potter, then you’ll love this series; if you’re a fan of fantasy, then try these books about enchanted tubers?

This isn’t like that. This is a just a list of great, often unknown series that your kids will love. Recommendation: You should read them too.


The Pure Dead Series by Debi Gliori. “Pure dead” here kind of means “golden” or “fab” or “spot on.” The series, which focuses on the rather unusual Strega-Borgia family and their rather unusual children, is wacky, bizarre, uproariously funny, occasionally squeamish-inducing (including, as it does, giant tarantulas, mythical creatures and forays into the underworld) and flat-out enjoyable.

Kid comment: “At first I liked this because it seemed like the kind of book my mom would hate, but it turned out that she really liked it too.”


Fablehaven OK, you might have heard of this one, seeing as it was a huge success. But you also might not have. The series is about a hidden preserve where mythical creatures are safe from the outside world. Siblings Kendra and Seth discover the preserve while at their grandparents, and proceed to have adventures (good vs. evil, breaking rules, etc.), for an entire series.

Kid comment: I LOVED this series. When I finished it I started it again. Why? Because it was really good.


Nicholas (René Goscinny) A five-book series from Rene Goscinny, the creator of Asterix, about a young school boy named Nicholas. Illustrated by the cartoonist Sempe, the series about Nicholas’s escapades is just ironic enough to be appreciated by both adult and kids.

Kid Comment: This was very silly and very fun to read.


ND Wilson is the author of Leepike Ridge, one of the all-time great children’s –-in fact–everyone–books, and he’s also well known for his 100 Cupboards series, but it’s the Ashtown Burials books that get the nod here. A powerful, beautifully written fantasy series about siblings and an ancient order, the books just get better and more moving as they go on.

Kid Comment: This is a very serious series but it’s also very good.


What are your possibly unknown but recommended kids’ book series?




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