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Here’s what they’re saying about us!


It seemed as if I could see the whole world, at least all of Manhattan from One World Observatory. That 360-degree view that stuns every visitor was the final stop on a tour with Walks of New York. Read More…

Broadway Up Close and Personal with E.T.C. You’ve been to a thousand Broadway shows, but have you ever had a private meal with one of the actors? Read excerpt…
Click here for full article at Newsday.com

Don’t want a group tour? Or want a tour customized to your specific wishes, with your own guests? Contact Evan Levy at E.T.C. and tell her what interests you and your family or group. Read More…

We joined her and one of three sisters who owns Argosy Books, a midtown shop chock-full of rare books, prints, and maps. My Alice-loving daughter was thrilled by the Lewis Carroll theme. Next time, we’re planning to try a historical tour of Central Park. Read More…

You know how sometimes a pre-scheduled tour just doesn’t include everything on your bucket list? Design your own, or customize one of E.T.C.’s current offerings to suit your group or family.
Read More…

In New York City, the vast and varied strands of American creative history are omnipresent, and the world of comic books and graphic novels is no exception. Walk down any street in Manhattan and you’re likely to amble past a locale crucial to the history of comics, be it the inspiration for Superman’s Daily Planet building or the locale of Spider-Man’s big fight with Doctor Octopus. But it takes a trained eye to find the hidden secrets behind the veneer of city life. Read More…

Teenreads intern Sydney was given the chance to explore Central Park in a different way: through the lens of children’s literature. Thanks to a tour from e.t.c. (events–tailor-made and customized), she visited famous landmarks and sites in and around the park, learning just how connected literature and location truly are. Below, she shares what she learned about kids’ books from a guided stroll through the park. Read More…



I wanted to thank you for the tour today-we had a great time! Hope to see you again on a future tour!
Kevin Flynn, West Milford, NJThank you again for a great tour on Saturday–it was so much fun! Please keep me posted on any further Disney programs.
Kenneth Cabot, Long Island, NY

Thanks so much for the photos you emailed us from the program! Sam and I had a great time, and spent a wonderful and memorable Sunday with y’all!
Kelle Brocker, New York, NY

I’d only been on the street-level room of the Argosy, never in the maps, first edition, or autograph rooms. What a gem! It was especially wonderful to have the tour led by a member of the family that has owned the Argosy since 1926. Unique treat: Seeing a mint condition 1932 children’s pop-up book.
Ellie McGrath, New York, NY

I loved our private tour of the argosy with e.t.c. As a New Yorker, I like to think I know all the cool spots to visit, but this was definitely a new experience for me! The maps in the map room are a must see, and the owner even pulled out a few that she knew would be of special interest to our group. A unique experience for sure!
Kris Lowe, New York, NY

Took a fun and informative tour of the Argosy with my 11-year-old son, who also had a great time. My son particularly enjoyed the maps and the autographed baseballs that the autographs’ department expert brought out just for him. A fab, fun time for everyone, and a one-of-a-kind experience that left us thinking about what we want to startcollecting in the future.
Erica Farber, Amagansett, NY

My daughter loved her ‘Frozen’ party–she woke up the next day and asked if she could have another one!
Sarah Silverman, New York, NY

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