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Party Bags/Gift Bags/Small Favors

We love doing party bags. So ask about our goody-bag display boards, our craft tables, and our innovative party bags, for both adults and kids. We feature Small Favors–party bags that aren’t in bags. We love doing baking supplies in chefs’ hats, gardening tools in flower pots, arts and crafts supplies in book bags…For both adults and kids.

Gift Tags

Present Tense (i.e., tense about giving presents?) No more! Choose an e.t.c. GiftTag! A GiftTag works like a gift certificate–choose any of our offerings to give to someone, and we’ll send the recipient an adorable GiftTag with all the details. (You can also send them the GiftTag and let them choose which event to use it for.)

Create your own package, or choose from one of the offerings, below:
Cabbages & Kings


 July is the month of the wizard.

When you take a wizarding tour at the Met with us in July, you’ll actually be participating in a competition, utilizing the games, activities, and challenges you do during the tour. Our regular tours will be amped up with more fun stuff and cool takeaways.

Want extra points? Post images from your tour on your social media with the hash tag #museumwizard, and you’ll get extra points. Follow us on Facebook, twitter and Instagram for even more.

On July 29, we won’t be offering tours–we’ll be offering wizarding crafts, activities, games, a trivia competition, a costume contest, and more.

On July 30/31 we’ll offer a variety of birthday surprises during and after the tours.


Tours on July 28, 30, 31: $45 per adult; $35 per child 12 and under. Includes extra-special wizarding stuff.

Tour times: 11:00 AM, 2:00 PM

July 29 Family Program: 11:00-1:00 PM. Advance reservations required.

$30 for adults; $25 for kids 12 and under.

If you haven’t taken one of our Wizarding tours in the Metropolitan Museum yet, we’ll offer you a discount if you sign up for both a tour and the workshop!




Box Lunches

Doesn’t just have to be lunch. We can box up pretty much any food you’d like. We’ll make it look great, too, because pretty much anything tastes better when exciting containers are involved. For picnics, tea parties, book clubs…etcetera.

Specialty Tables

Sometimes you just want to get right to the good stuff. We can help you design beautiful themed dessert tables for kids or adults, as well as tables with crafts supplies and projects, party bags, and more.

Bake Your Own Birthday Cake:

It’s the activity and the dessert, all in one!


Manicube: Chic Nails on the Go

We love Manicube, a terrific service that brings manicures and nail art to your office, and now, to an e.t.c. event. Their gorgeous manis can be paired with any of our other programs. Moms—get together and have manicures while you’re waiting for your kids at a birthday party; or, even better, make manicube the centerpiece of the party–they do kids’ and teens’ nails as well.



Music, Maestro

Altius Winds: If you’re looking for a fabulous group of musicians to play at your next gathering, let us suggest Altius Winds—made up of flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, and bassoon. They can play everything from classical to rumba, in any grouping. Check out their website, below. Perhaps brunch with Boccherini? Macaroons with Mozart? www.altiuswinds.com.

Wish I May

Got a wish? That’s our command. Whether it’s tracking down a gift, showing up at your daughter’s school in a princess costme, or taking Aunt Mabel
to every chocolate store in NY, we’re on it (within reason.)

Academic Arrangements Abroad

We love to team up with partners who have the same goals that we do: To give clients access to the amazing, the unforgettable, and the downright cool. And while we love all our partnerships, this one is pretty incredible: We’re delighted to introduce you to Academic Arrangements Abroad, a specialty tour operator that offers clients an insider’s look at more than 50 countries across the globe through its rich resources of museum curators, professors and diplomats. Specializing in travel on extraordinary ships and trains, the company offers trips for adults, families, and groups. Experience the Baltic’s Amber Coast or slow food in Italy; the contemporary art of Mexico City or private collections in Buenos Aires: That’s just a tiny sampling of the programs available. Email us for more info and check out their website as well: www.arrangementsabroad.com

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