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e.t.c. custom eventsFeeling "Frozen"

Feeling “Frozen”

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There’s probably no end to the number of stories you could read, if you so chose, about the movie “Frozen.” Ones about the staggering array of merchandise for sale, Disney-sanctioned or not:


Ones about the lengths to which people are going to ensure that they can either purchase or somehow cash in on that selfsame merchandise, including, if you can believe it, a box that an Elsa doll came in for sale on eBay. No, not the doll–the box.


There’s no part of the movie or its merchandizing, message, and the mayhem it has caused that hasn’t been analyzed ad nauseum.

What’s kind of interesting, though, is that the phenomenon is making people who have somehow-related products to sell or services to offer a little more creative. We offer “Frozen” parties (shameless plug, or solid fact in service of this piece? You decide). And of course, we want our parties to be good, and to find ways to make them more enticing than everyone else’s “Frozen” parties. So we make sure that craft projects we offer are not just fun, but innovative, not just age-appropriate, but tested until we’re sure they’re just right.

We’ve had to become little more creative, a little more out of the box, a little quirkier—and that’s a good thing. It keeps us from getting complacent or lazy, and reminds us of why we started doing this in the first place—to bring that same level of creativity to everything we do. Because if our Olaf/Ana/Elsa/Kristoff/Sven tote bag/cupcake/collage/costume/hair bow/garbage can/desk blotter/cucumber peeler isn’t just little more enticing than someone else’s, we’re going to find ourselves selling empty Elsa boxes on eBay.

At that point, it’s time not just to let it go—but to move on.

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