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How We Disney

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The first time we went to Disney World, I had to be dragged there, kicking and screaming. I did not want to go, and I have almost no memory of how we got there. Clearly, somehow, reservations were made, hotels rooms were booked, airplane tickets were purchased, park passes were bought; but how and when that all occurred remains a mystery. I was too busy worrying that Disney World would be loud, crowded, chaotic, poorly designed, and messy.

I was wrong.

Disney World is, in fact, delightful. Clean, organized, well designed, with just enough spots to purchase Dole Whip, it’s the antithesis of messy and chaotic. It doesn’t matter if your kids are yelling, because everyone else’s kids are yelling, too. When people say it’s “too organized,” to my mind, that’s kind of like saying your dentist has too many degrees–that’s not a thing.

It’s also just plain fun. When was the last time you just had fun?

With the advent of social media, it’s interesting to see how many little worlds are out there, and how much people want to connect, Disney aficionados included. Social media has given them a forum: They want to be part of a group, to compare notes, to find their tribe.

Not to sound self-serving, but at e.t.c. , we let you find your tribe, or maybe discover a new one. Because, sadly, you can’t always be at Disney World, we give you a way to be involved even when you’re not there, and to meet other people who feel the same way you do. Our “Fan/Fairs” programs look at the intersection of popular culture and history or art, music or literature. In other words, we let you be a fan girl and a scholar, or a history nerd and a pin trader, at the same time.

Find out what we’re talking about–check out our spring “Disney in New York” programs with the wonderful Jim Hill–his excellent website is www.jimhillmedia.com, and he’s @jimhillmedia.

Check our “walks” page for more info on these and other programs, and follow us on Facebook, twitter and instagram for updates.

And to keep the fun going, we’re also doing a big Disney scavenger hunt in New York (yes, you read that right–New York) this coming fall—keep checking back for updates. Because why should Florida and California have all the fun? Or, to put it another way, why should you only get to have Disney fun in Florida and California?

Stick with us and we’ll show you how we Disney–and how you can, too.

2 Responses to How We Disney

  1. Christina says:

    Wow – a Disney scavenger hunt in NYC sounds great. My mind is reeling already – picturing items where New York and Disney could intersect. A magic flying taxi floor mat…of course we do have our own Alice in Wonderland in Central Park…..you’d have to go to the Bronx to find Baloo though. Great idea. I grew up in NYC and vividly remember scavenger hunt parties when I was a kid. Looking forward to more news about this one.

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