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e.t.c. custom eventsWhat’s in a party panners bag of tricks?

What’s in Your Bag of tricks?

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When you’re reading an article in a celebrity magazine (no denials; we don’t judge) tell us honestly: Which do you read first–the history of zippers, or what’s in Chloe Kardashian’s/Katy Perry’s/celebrity of the moment’s purse?

The purse, of course, because we’re curious, and also, we want to know they’re just like us, even though, of course, they’re not. But if we can purchase that lipstick, or hair clip, or bottle of sunscreen and it gets us one step closer–at least in our minds–to celebritydom/joy, why not?


Just like certain staples are (apparently) beloved and toted around by celebs, certain staples are beloved by people who plan events and parties. Here’s some of what’s on our list.


One awesome decoration: The details are always important, but so, when available/appropriate, is one awesome statement. For Halloween, a giant spider made of balloons; for a graduation party, a photo booth with items representing the grad’s life.


Have one showstopping/fun/talkworthy item. It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy, just unexpected. At a holiday party, peppermint sticks stuck into oranges are a huge hit with both adults and kids. They’re fun, tasty, they look festive, and they always provide conversation.


Stickers and stamps. Don’t care what event it is. If it’s for kids, have stickers.


One thing that you think is a good idea but you’re not 100 percent sure. Be brave.


An unexpected takeaway such as a recipe with one obscure ingredient. Provide the ingredient. Or something hard to find, or unusual, like antique buttons, or vintage calling cards. Or, when in doubt, something edible and fun—old-timey candy bars, tea bags shaped like airplanes.


Things that are oversized. Seriously. A giant blow-up candlestick. An enormous pizza. Always fun.


Something on which people can write that’s a keepsake for you. A guest book, a photo on which people can leave comments.


What are your must haves?





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