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e.t.c. custom eventsWhich Disney Program Are You?

Which Disney Program Are You?

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Which Disney program is right for you?

Your idea of the perfect Saturday afternoon is:


A)   Wandering through New York in intrepid-traveler mode.  New neighborhoods? Awesome. Out of the way landmarks? The out-of-the-way-er, the better. Bring them on!

B)   Counting the days until your next trip to Disney World. To make the time pass, you page through your Disney cookbook and sigh over your Vinylmations.

C)   Curling up with a cup of tea and a scone. Or a bag of Yodels. What’s this quiz about, again?


Your favorite Disney items are:

A)   Your extensive collection of Goofy memorabilia.

B)   Your precious and cherished memories.

C)   Disney items? I thought I was taking a quiz about dental habits.


When you’re at Disney World, the first thing you do is:

A)   Don’t even bother to unpack—just head right for your favorite Park, maybe grabbing a turkey leg on the way. Woe to anyone who gets in your way.

B)   Jump up and down and shriek with joy, then revisit every favorite spot at the (on-property Disney) resort, including the gift shop where you snagged the great deal on that “Little Mermaid” vegetable peeler, and the cherished alcove where you spotted someone who might have been the sister of the Mary Poppins you saw at a character breakfast.

C)   I’m sorry, is this not about Knotts Berry Farm?


My favorite thing about Disney is:

A)   Everything. Duh.

B)   The pins, the characters, the t-shirts, the hair accessories, the plush, the tableware, the music, the movies, the princesses, the movie tie-ins, the shows, the theme parks, the plane ride to the theme parks, the footwear, the rides, the logo, the customer service.  And the website font. Oh, plus the twisty marshmallow treats you can buy in the Parks.

C)   Still confused. Is this an SAT prep test?



Mostly A’s:  Our live “Disney Dish” podcast next month is a must, for Disney/World’s Fair info.

Mostly B’s: Hey, Disney fiend, you may as well sign up for every Disney program we do. We especially recommend the “Time’d Square Trivia Hunt.” Wear comfy shoes.

Mostly C’s: We recommend that you make an appointment for a dental cleaning and/or the SAT, and take one of our Disney programs to discover what they’re all about.





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