Here at e.t.c., we believe it’s all about the experience.Go behind the scenes at a museum. Have a tea tasting. Learn how to self-publish a book or write your own commercial and then film yourself in it. From visits to rehearsals of a renowned dance company to talks on art history, literature, and photography, we’ve got it covered.

You’ll see that e.t.c. offers a lot of stuff. That’s because New York offers a lot of stuff. Everything we do is designed to give you access and insight—unique tours, lectures, workshops, parties and events. They’re incredibly fun, eye opening, and often thought provoking. Don’t see exactly what you want? As you can tell from our name, we’re happy to customize.

We also have cool partnerships with cultural institutions, specialty shops, and more, so we can take you behind the scenes for access like you’ve never had before. We’ve got all that….etcetera.

We’ve also spent a lot of time doing this: Evan Levy, e.t.c.’s founder, has many years of experience putting together great, unique programs and terrific events for adults and kids. She’s worked at a big art museum and small kids’ parties and loved it all, but she especially loves building programs and experiences from the ground up. At e.t.c. we’ve worked with some of New York’s most recognizable cultural institutions and some of its most discerning private clients. (Yes, they were happy.) And we’re all about showing people new ways to look at and experience the world around them.
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